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Omland Engineering Associates, Inc. a Full Service Civil Engineering Company

Omland Engineering Associates, Inc. is a civil engineering and land surveying company that was founded in 1997 by Stanley T. Omland.  The company was formed to provide full site development and municipal services while striving for both quality design and service that ensures client satisfaction.

Civil Engineering, Municipal Services, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Traffic and transportation Engineering, and Land Surveying Company – all under one roof.

Omland Engineering embraces a professional service philosophy by its multi-disciplinary staff.  As a civil engineering company we offer Site Development, Municipal Services, Planning & Landscape Architecture, and Traffic and Transportation Engineering. We are also a Land Surveying Company providing numerous surveying services.  At Omland Engineering, we realize that engineering is more than drawings on paper, but a complete service that must be provided by people for people.  Because of this philosophy, Omland Engineering continues to find itself with a large repeat client base.

In order to be able to satisfy the many aspects of a project, Omland Engineering offers a broad range of services that provide a complete civil engineering company package in lieu of using multiple consultants.  Some of our services include:

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Sustainable Engineering

A sustainable design allows a project to reduce negative environmental impacts through skillful sensitive design and allows for the use of renewable resources. All principals at Omland Engineering Associates, Inc. are LEED® Accredited Professionals. We understand the need to consider impacts to the surrounding area from the initial project scoping to final design. At Omland Engineering Associates, Inc. we are a leader in green and sustainable design techniques.

Omland Engineering Associates, Inc. has licensed engineers, surveyors, landscape architects and planners on staff who oversee all aspects of design and surveying.  The experienced staff at Omland Engineering Associates, Inc. understands that a project is only feasible if it can be constructed cost effectively.  We streamline the design phase by utilizing our knowledge of regulations to avoid issues at the review phase of the project.  This allows a project to commence construction quicker.  Our staff understands that the design must also work in the field.  Coordination with project architects and contractors to avoid potential construction conflicts is something that Omland Engineering Associates, Inc. takes very seriously.

Principal Involvement

One of the four owners will be involved in your project. Each partner is a fully-licensed professional.  Principal involvement ensures that each project receives the high level experience and personal attention it deserves. 

Whether it is a small site plan, traffic and transportation engineering project or something more, each client and project receives personalized attention. This represents the importance we place on excellence in project management so that every facet of each project whether parks and recreation planning or traffic and transportation engineering is assigned to the right people, Our project management also maintains continual communication with all parties involved, which includes onsite representation, coordination and guidance to ensure each project is completed according to plans, schedule and budget.

Due to our attention to detail and engineering excellence, we’ve merited the trust and loyalty of our clients.

Community Involvement

As a New Jersey Registered Small Business Enterprise, Omland Engineering Associates, Inc. is an integral part of the community and we could not exist without the community we serve. That’s why we are a proud member of the New Jersey community involved in non-profit service, industry associations and local organizations.

Giving back to the community is important to Omland’s philosophy.  Pro bono or discounted work is provided to numerous religious and community service organizations including local fire and police departments.

Omland Engineering Associates, Inc. understands that engineering is more than infrastructure, it is fundamental to the Quality of Life.

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