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Avalon WhartonMETROaward
Wharton, New Jersey

Avalon Wharton is a six story, luxury apartment complex in Wharton, NJ. Consisting of 248 units, this 8.5 acre property contains amenities such as outdoor courtyards, swimming pool, and a fitness facility.

This development site was the subject of a number of different development proposals over the past 15 years. Avalon Bay began their development process for this site in 2007 with a use variance application to the Borough and subsequent site plan approval in 2011. The project faced an intensive approval process under the NJDEP flood hazard regulations as a result of a 300-foot riparian zone associated with a tributary of the Rockaway River, which is a Category One water.

Omland provided a boundary and topographic survey of the site, preliminary and final site plans, which included a stormwater management report, and conducted a traffic impact study. In addition, OEA obtained all necessary permits from the County of Morris and NJDEP.

• Boundary/Topographic Surveying
• Preliminary & Final Site Plans
• Traffic Study
• Permitting - Local, County, and NJDEP


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