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OEA Zoning Information Services

OEA Zoning Information Services is your one stop source for national zoning, land use, and property data information. We have unique qualifications to provide this service as an established multi-disciplined firm with licensed professionals in the fields of planning, landscape architecture, surveying and engineering.

Zoning Conformance Report

We will prepare a Zoning Compliance Report that will include a review of property zoning regulations and existing property use and development use potential of your property. Two report options are available for this service.

Basic Zoning Compliance Report

This service will include a review of the subject parcel based on available tax maps, aerial photographs, topographic maps, and other published local, state, and county mapping. We will identify the current property zoning and provide a list of permitted uses and restrictions based on the zoning standards. We will request letters from the zoning officer, fire official and building official in an effort to confirm property zoning and identify any documented building and/or fire code violations.

Our study will be presented in a bound report in which we include a summary of our findings together with site mapping and copies of all correspondence. We will also recommend a course for further property research if warranted in particular situations.

Complete Zoning Compliance Report

A Complete Zoning Compliance Report addresses all of the issues and work described above for the Basic Zoning Compliance Report. In addition where an ALTA Survey of the property is available, we can provide a review of property compliance with the general zoning standards and will identify any existing non-conforming conditions as they relate to those standards.

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